GeoMM is a self-contained package specifically for the management of Routine Inspections, Cyclic Maintenance and Defects. It complies with the former RMMS specification and contains modules for Network and Route Management as well as full Survey, Maintenance and Defect Records. The integral mapping interface allows the viewing of defect locations against a road network and gives direct access to any selected data from the maps.

GeoMM is the ideal partner for the DC4Inspec data collection software but if desired, can be used independently. It is capable of building and exporting survey files containing details of survey routes or defects recorded on earlier surveys. These can be transmitted directly to suitable data collection hardware over the internet and data can be downloaded in the same manner. Any defect records can include OSGR co-ordinates obtained from GPS and/or photographs taken on site at the time of the survey. When data is loaded into the system, works orders are automatically formulated for checking and when ready, issuing to repair gangs. Information can also be electronically exchanged with other systems e.g. for works ordering and work management.

GeoMM has built-in reporting capability and standard reports include several different Performance and Audit Reports, Work Due Reports, Insurance Reports and exports as required by other bodies such as the Highways Agency.

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GeoMaintenance Manager Main Screen
GeoMaintenance Manager Inventory Reports
GeoMaintenance Manager Map Screen
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