DC4 - Data Collection Software

Calling on the experience gained when developing the first data capture software to be used in the UK (both CHART and RMMS), DC4 utilises the latest software and hardware technology and is truly multi-functional.

All aspects of the survey, including the output format, are fully user definable to provide the definitive text-based data collection solution.

As well as the various RMMS surveys, DC4 has configurations for Visual Condition, Sign Data, Inventory and Safety Inspections on all classes of road, Full Electrical Inventory and Specialist Drainage Surveys. DC4 is system independent and compatible with all leading packages.

Nomad with DC4
Options are now available to locate items or defects using the in-built GPS capability. These can include the location of the nearest Section, nearest Marker Post and the estimation of chainage within normal GPS accuracy. The inclusion of photographs within the data is also a standard option.

Contact us to download a fully functional demonstration copy. The demonstration will run in Windows or on a Pocket PC.
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